Friday, January 6, 2017

Miccostumes D.Va Cosplay Review

Hey guys, today I'm going to be reviewing this D.Va cosplay and wig sponsored to me by Miccostumes!

Miccostumes was a super great company to work with, they were super helpful and answered all my questions quickly and professionally throughout this process!

After placing my order it took a little over a month to receive my package. This was not a problem and was not surprising as the costume had to be made, and shipped overseas all during the holiday season.

When I received the package everything was wrapped nicely in custom packaging with the Miccostumes logo. On the inside of the costume there was even a custom tag with the Miccostume logo! I think these were nice details that shows me Miccostumes really takes pride in the products they produce!

This costume comes with the bodysuit, gloves, shoulder pieces, and the attachments as shown in the above photo. Miccostumes also included tattoos of D.Va's pink face markings, which was completely unexpected and very kind of them considering the costume description does not state they are included!

Now my favorite part about this costume, and why I chose it to begin with, is that IT IS TEXTURED!!!!!! Most D.Va suits for sale are completely screenprinted and have no 3D element to them. The suit is made with a combination of silky and leathery stretch material (blue, white, and black areas), as well as some plastic-y non-stretch material (pink and silver areas). The bodysuit also has built in shoe covers, so all you have to do is slip a pair of flats or low heels into them!

The only real problem I had with the costume is it was a little too big on my waist. I have fairly large chest and booty areas so I went with a size Medium, and its not uncommon for sizes that perfectly fit my chest and booty to be way too big for my waist. It was no problem for me to take in the waist as I am an experienced sewer, but if you're not this may be something you want to take into consideration! For reference I am 5'4 and 34(D)-26-40.

And LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT THIS WIG!!!! I LOVE THIS WIG!!!!! Seriously I would almost compare the quality to that of Arda. It is thick and had a great style and color. If you're not interested in a D.Va cosplay but need a nice brown wig with bangs THIS IS YOUR WIG!!!!

I've really enjoyed working with Miccostumes, and am so glad I got the opportunity to become D.Va. Thank you so much for working with me!! I would give this costume a 9/10 and the wig a 10/10!

Here are a few more pictures showing closer details^_^

(All photos of me in the suit were taken by COTC Photography)